Mallory M. Rice

Assistant Professor of Biology

California State University San Marcos


Hello! I am a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). My research program investigates the nature of teaching and learning science in university and K-12 settings with a specific focus on making science more inclusive for all students. I am interested in understanding student and faculty perceptions and experiences in university science classrooms, the influence of peer learning assistants in STEM courses, and how mentorship of K-12 students may influence their trajectory into STEM disciplines.

I am currently developing my science education research program at CSUSM and look forward to collaborating with undergraduate and graduate students to shape the direction of the lab's research projects. 

My experience navigating academia as a first-generation college student has instilled a passion for making opportunities in science more transparent and accessible. 
Throughout my studies and research, I prioritize undergraduate teaching and mentoring and K-12 science outreach with a specific focus on making STEM more accessible and inclusive across diverse groups of students.