Mallory M. Rice

Postdoctoral Researcher

San Francisco State University


Hello! I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Science Education Partnership & Assessment Laboratory (SEPAL) led by Dr. Kimberly Tanner at San Francisco State University. My current research investigates how to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments in university biology classrooms. Specifically, I am studying how peer learning assistants can serve as leaders in equity and inclusion by partnering with biology instructors and how instructor language used in biology classrooms is perceived by students.


Prior to this position, I completed my PhD with Dr. Deron Burkepile in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at the University of California Santa Barbara. While in Santa Barbara, I investigated how human influences, such as nutrient pollution and global climate change, altered trophic and interspecific interactions in coral reef systems and how this may drive changes in community structure and coral physiology. 


My experience navigating academia as a first-generation college student has instilled a passion for making opportunities in biology more transparent and accessible. Throughout my studies and research, I prioritized undergraduate teaching and mentoring and K-12 science outreach with a specific focus on making STEM more accessible and equitable across diverse groups of students. I look forward to continuing this effort through my current and future positions.