Women in STEM

As a woman in STEM, I understand the challenges many women face in breaking down barriers in the sciences. One way to combat these barriers is to get women and students from historically excluded groups into science earlier on. By mentoring high schoolers in STEM research projects we are empowering these students to conduct science and helping them build their identity as a scientist.

Undergraduate Leadership

Integrating undergraduate leadership into courses through undergraduate teaching assistants and peer leaders is a great way to provide the class with a role model and empower that student. In my courses, I make sure to include a previous student as an undergraduate teaching student that can help their peers navigate the course and assist with course development from the student perspective.

Undergraduate Research

Collaborating with undergraduate students on research provides them with a transferable skillset they can take into postgraduate positions. It also helps students explore different STEM fields and career options. I've had the joy to work closely with several students on research projects that have contributed substantially to my own research.