K-12 Outreach


Sharing my research and talking about ocean conservation with younger scientists is one of my greatest passions. Encouraging K-12 students to tackle issues facing our oceans starts by getting them excited about marine biology and thinking like scientists. Engaging and visiting K-12 classrooms has been a cornerstone of my outreach efforts, which is often done wearing my work clothes, a wetsuit!

Online Outreach

With the use of programs such as Skype a Scientist and Nepris, scientists are able to reach individuals around the globe. This provides a wonderful opportunity for scientists to connect with students and the voting public from all backgrounds. I use these platforms to chat about my research to often neglected groups, such as schools in rural communities and at-risk neighborhoods.


Empowering Women and Non-Binary Individuals in STEM

During graduate school I partnered with the Curie-osity Project to connect girls and non-binary youth and teens (4-12th grade) with women and non-binary scientists to empower them to cultivate an interest in the STEM disciplines by providing representation of successful scientists. Students participated in weekly interviews, lab tours, and hands-on activities with the scientists to learn about topics such as renewable batteries, modeling disease ecology, conservation, and more.